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We are a publishing company recently incorporated in the UK.


Fern Publishing Ltd was incorporated in England in January 2019 as private limited company. Its main objective is to publish the work of Kamal M Malak and look after already published work in the USA and the UK. The company is based in Edgware (North London). In future, other authors work may be considered.



The Keyman


Jimmy Noble and Pearce Noble, brothers run a family business called Chezan Investments Ltd, based in Mayfair of London. The company is under huge debts to its bankers. In fact, they had been skimming the profits into Swiss bank account quietly. When the bank presses for the repayment of loan, instead of bringing the money from Switzerland, they think of a new idea of hiring a key executive and take out a substantial Keyman insurance policy. The insurance broker, Marc Kohnvich is their accomplice.

Vincent Muller is a chartered accountant who gets hired as the key executive being the CFO and the director of the company. The brothers try to kill him to cash in the policy. The bank, the company and their associates all treat the female staff as benefits in kind. Butthe sister, Firoza Noble, is a very willing party to bribe the bankers. When Vincent visits Caribbean island to do due diligence on a business opportunity he gets very friendly with Talisha but her ex-husband tries to kill him when he sees them making love; did someone ask him to do it?

The second project takes Vincent with Pearce to Dherapur, a beautiful hilly small town in India. Where a refugee Fibi, working as a waitress falls for Pearce. She has been trying to make both ends meet even if it meant‘selling’ her body occasionally, but is in tears when she finds her younger brother doing the same. The elder brother,without the knowledge of his younger brother Pearce Noble arranges his hatchet man to get Vincent killed in Dherapur. But Fibi saves him.

In the end, Jimmy Noble gets killed but by whom? Vincent Muller takes over the business from the receiver with the help of his uncle.The corporate world, the bribes, champagne, expensive parties, the lust of the bosses and revenge are the key ingredients. It shows human nature at its best or at its worst, or perhaps both!


ISBN:- 978-0-9954528-2-4


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