Steve Boheim in his late 20’s, is a chartered accountant, works as a manager in a large firm of chartered accountants in the City of London. He is married to Kate, a pretty young woman. She is a software engineer and works alone from home since her boss had moved to another city. They are very well off, have no children, and live in a townhouse in a fashionable part of central London. They have been very much in love.


One day, they quarrel after Kate having been very depressed, and suspecting of suffering from Claustrophobia, and Steve very frustrated having been passed over for the promotion to become a partner in his firm. Kate claims that she has been sacrificing for him all the time, and that when she met him, she was a virgin and has had no other men besides him. He claims that he had plenty of choice of stunning girls but chose her… And they divorce.


After a few years, they meet again by accident in a party and rediscover each other.By flashback, they tell each other their stories since their split.


Their affairs/relationships are full of romance, sex, glamour and sometimes funny and sometimes, outright dangerous.


Kate’s three stories relate to her first boyfriend who was a model and very handsome but gay. Her second boyfriend was a slave driver who takes her on a trip to Middle East and ‘sells’ her to his boss, a rich Shaikh. And finally, she meets a scrounger who lives off on many women like her.


Steve’s experiences include firstly, with a clergy whom he meets for spiritual help, after breakdown of his marriage, but who is gay, and wants him to be his sex partner. Then he meets with a smart, sexy young woman who happens to be connected with a group of con men. Steve falls in love with her but she tries to swindle him with a small fortune.


Finally, he finds a girlfriend who is a fellow chartered accountant, slightly older than him, divorced with three children. Her young teenage daughter gets infatuated with him and the relationship ends in a disaster.



Mr. & Mrs. Boheim

A Friendly Deception

The story is about Sean, a banker in the City of London, and his desire to have a daughter who would call him “Mon Papa Cheri”. He tries with his beautiful wife to have a baby but in spite of all their efforts and tips from a French acquaintance on some new techniques, the wife does not conceive. Gina, his wife is as keen to have a baby. Finally, their closest friend Rohit advises them to visit India where in a renowned temple, there is a spiritual mahatma who helps women conceive children with divine connection. In the temple in a Daryapur, along with Mahatma there is also a man who is simply called Pundit who runs a business behind a façade of devtas, dasees and bhagats.


One of the Devtas is called Sherou who is an Anglo Indian; no one is sure about his origin but he believes that he has the right to make his living whatever means available. He becomes Sherou Khan when needed, otherwise he is Sherou Ram and sometimes on Sikh festivals, he is happy to be Sherou Singh.


God rewards Sean and Gina with a beautiful daughter, called Sophie. But who fathered her? Was it Sean, Pundit, Harry the driver, or one of the many devtas in the temple.

The family struggles when Sophie grows up slightly and has a hint of brown complexion. The DNA test proves that Sean is not the father and all kinds of family troubles start.

There are other interesting characters in the books eg Judy, the sharp razor brain secretary of Sean who believes that the bankers can afford two women, and Mariena who is so ambitious that she has her eyes set on Number 10 Downing Street?


ISBN: 978-1-4349-6329-1

Fair Deal

The story is about a group of lawyers working in the City of London. The firm is Henry Sheldon LLP. Terry Hamilton is an ambitious lawyer who is a department manager and de facto number two to Sir Henry Sheldon, the founder and senior partner of the LLP. He is easy going and very much career minded, even though, given a chance, does not mind mixing business with pleasure. His wife, Sharon, is a beauty, and is a director of an art gallery.


Sharon is never satisfied with one man. During a Christmas party in the office, she gets carried away in a secluded filing room with her husband’s colleague, Lenny Crowe, with whom she had been having an ongoing affair. Lenny is young and a very handsome lawyer. Chris Neale, another colleague of her husband who had an eye on Sharon, sees them in their intimate activity by accident. Since in the past, Sharon had declined his advances towards her, he decides to punish her by making known to them that he has seen them. This results in all kind of repercussions.


As a result of the misjudgement and stupid actions by Lenny, he gets himself fired. He leaves not only the firm but the country. He also loses his beautiful girl friend Joan. Sharon is very hurt, not only physically beaten by her husband but also missing her dashing young lover. She blames Chris for it. Meina is the wife of Chris Sneale, a British Indian origin young woman who works as an HR officer in an accounting firm. She is neglected by her husband who is always chasing other women. When an opportunity arises, she also does not miss the chance.


Sharon takes the revenge on Chris by getting him also fired. She uses her new friend Meina and an Ex-Agency divorced lawyer who came from New York on an assignment in Henry Sheldon LLP. The way Sharon takes revenge and uses Meina is very interesting and thought provoking.


The ex CIA- agent puts his life in danger but survives, and finds his true love in London. But who is this true love?! Yes, you guessed it!!


ISBN: 978-0-9954528-0-0


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